Online Custom Coaching focuses on you.  Every vision and organization is different.  The majority of my clients have taken generic grant writing classes over the years but tell me there is still a missing link in putting this knowledge to work. 


The missing component is "How to strategically take aim at what you need".  While "funding" is a common need, it is the capacity of the organization and how the project is packaged that makes the difference. 


This is my goal - to prepare you to obtain whatever it is you need to achieve your goals. I am teaching you to do this work so you and your organization gain strength and confidence. 

Online sessions are 2-Hours at $215; most clients need 2 to 4 sessions. We can go 4-hours at one sitting but I have found that 2-hour increments fit schedules better AND I give a checklist of items for you to research and discuss with your team.  


A 20-minute pre-session is free. I will give you a list to prepare for your first session and I do not have any limit on how many people attend as long as you're all focused on the same target.  Please text me or email to schedule a pre-session.

The big question:

Will I learn about where to find grants? Yes. But you will learn to target them rather than aimlessly apply:) 

Message me to schedule your pre-session review and first session.



Here are some descriptions of session intent from different clients:

Small municipality required restrooms in the downtown area where no public restrooms were located. In 3 sessions we developed a project white paper with plan view map; identified 5 avenues for funding; outreach campaign to gain citizen and business awareness; and identified various income-producing activities.

Group of citizens needed guidance establishing a nonprofit organization that was needed to incubate a number of community initiatives. In 4 sessions we identified the action plan for moving forward including preparation for community meetings and IRS-required documentation.

County Government requested facilitation for in-house strategic planning and the development of action-oriented plan.  3 sessions plus drafting the action plan.

Town needed facilitation for large community meetings. The invite for residents revolved around "visioning our future". Coaching involved how to publicize; how to NOT take it personally; review of questions and how to track them; next steps and follow-through. 4 sessions (3 to prepare and 1 to transcribe the public session into actionable items).

Town needed to establish an entity that could help secure the community's most treasured industry: shrimping. Key objectives were: obtain support from the community; nonprofit status; fundraising; acquisition of property; outreach; long-range management plan.

Rural municipalities wanted downtown revitalization. Primary step was establishing solid capacity-building ability so they had an action plan; partners; community outreach scope of work; visioning session with the Board. 5 sessions.

Nonprofit asks for grant writing coaching so their organization stopped stressing every time a new grant opportunity arose.  All of their time was being spent chasing too small grants. We started developing their objectives with focused avenues of funding outreach that coordinated with a newly revised budget. 3 sessions.

Municipality asked for coaching in writing a specific grant. They also wanted to begin writing their grants in-house so this first run proved to be an excellent learning process.  3 sessions.

Text or email Robin to set up a preliminary talk.