Grant Coaching & Planning

In-house grant writing, in my opinion, is the best choice for quite a few reasons.

You and your staff know the project inside and out. You're committed, engaged in the purpose, and know where your organization is headed.

All of this will come across in your narratives and the reader will feel it.  You will also need to answer questions about the grant and if you aren't the one who wrote it, there is a lot of stress and scrambling when a potential funder calls.

Other Benefits of writing your own grants?

  • It is less expensive than hiring out. Why spend the money on an outside grant writer who doesn't have the background and project knowledge that you do? For them to construct a winning application they will need you. So you'll end up spending as much time helping them as if you had written it yourself.

  • The project's objectives, action steps, measurables, goals, and corresponding budget will:

    • Re-center everyone.  Collective focusing on specific objectives will enhance the work environment and productivity.​

    • A strategic plan is developed.

    • You'll be ready for the next application. No stress.

    • Tracking accounting throughout the grant administration will be easy to follow.

    • Providing reports on measurables will be effortless.


The services I provide are for coaching you and/or your team with an actual grant

This is more rewarding and everyone learns from the process.  I start with pre-planning then move on to grant coaching.

I'm available by phone or text messaging if you'd like to learn more.