Prepare to Attract, Apply for, and Accept Funding 

To achieve long-term health, attract funding, and to accomplish the mission, groups need a strategy.  A strategic plan provides executive directors, staff, volunteers, and the Board of Directors with a concise, clear, and united message to articulate to donors, foundations, and partners - both on paper and in person.


The process of developing a strategic plan is rewarding. Too often groups envision it to be a laborious task. It can be a three-page document or one hundred. Throughout a series of creative and relaxed workshops, Robin facilitates open discussion around visions, goals, objectives, and roles.  Robin also coaches on creating opportunities out of obstacles. "Each of us that works or volunteers for a non-profit is mission-driven. Hence, we bring a passion to the cause.  I typically ask each person to speak about this during the workshops and the result is an awakening for everyone.  A stronger synergy is formed and the path to the shared goals widens with new opportunities."  


With your strategic plan in place, you will be 100% ready to submit a grant or proposal, giving you a competitive edge.  Plus your Executive Director, staff, and volunteers will be free to focus their time on the mission instead of on intensive grant preparation.  


Robin works with you to construct, AHEAD OF TIME, the information grantors, private philanthropic groups, individual donors and prospective partners require. She puts the plan into a format that is a working document for everyone and as you grow, it can be revised. 


·         Goals and mission.

·         Who will benefit?

·         What are your objectives and the action steps to get there?

·         How will the grantor's dollars be used, and what are the other ways you raise money?

·         Incorporating documentation, internal controls, and policies.

·         Financials that follow current 501(c)(3) guidelines. 

·         Two-year budget.

·         Funding criteria that fit your Non-Profit and the resources that are available to you.


Once your strategic plan is complete, Robin can also help you create or revise your website, social media, and outreach efforts to mirror your goals – then your message will ring out, and when this happens, your path will be a rewarding one.