Robin works with individuals in the early stages of an idea; non-profit groups incubating a project; governmental entities requiring guidance for community-based projects and initiatives; foundations providing guidance to their grantees and groups wanting to re-awaken or strengthen their focus.

Grants and Experience to 2003 - 2017

Grants 2018 - Present 

Current projects and references available upon request.

"Her passion, curiosity, and ability to engage people and listen are qualities that gave Robin tremendous credibility. They are also qualities, we have found in our research on leadership, that

can put individuals on a path to catalyzing change."


"Robin Payne's work and leadership gives me great hope and inspiration. She shows us how a citizen with passion, curiosity, insight, vision, courage and humility can help fellow community members recognize their bonds and shared interests, their skills and talents and their collective power. "  Read More

A Citizen and a Small Foundation

Andy Carroll, Exponent Philanthropy

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Robin began working with community groups in 2003.  Born out of the necessity to fund projects she wrote federal, state and local grants; created 501(c)(3)'s; wrote and submitted proposals to numerous private philanthropic groups; worked with local government authorities to create a 21st Century Strategic Plan around rural assets; developed large-scale community-based projects; participated in and hosted community workshops; helped small non-profits create strategic plans; attended countless seminars and trainings on sustainability for grassroots organizations; helped groups navigate ever-changing funding resources; facilitated group discussion; and in 2011 acquired a Non-Profit Management Certificate from Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina. 

References available upon request