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Listening to your vision and needs is the first step. This can be done over the phone or in person. 

More than one conversation is typically needed before a rough action plan can be sketched-out. Then a corresponding fee structure can be developed. 

The most common arrangement is to agree on a flat fee per each action step.


"I will work to make this affordable and fit with funding availability.  The biggest problem small rural communities face is the lack of funding and infrastructure to pursue the changes their vision requires."  


Focus for Initial Discussion

  • What needs are you trying to address?

  • Describe the vision.

  • Are there others trying to do the same? 

  • Are there others who could be partners in achieving the goal? Examples of "partners" could be local government identifying the need in their strategic plan; educational entity; regional agency.  

  • How do you know about the need?

  • Tell me about yourself and/or your group. 

Compensation for Synergy Workshops

Synergy sessions are $30 per person plus reimbursement for travel. They normally last 4 to 5 hours plus a small snack break in the middle or celebration gathering at the end. 



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