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Rural Main Street Revitalization

This section is a growing collection of Rural Downtown & Main Street Revitalization articles. The first question I get from groups is always: Where do we start and do you have any examples?  I share articles and case studies with these points to remember: Every town is different; talk within the town; ignore the negative people; just do it. 

It's January 2022. Hopefully, we're close to the end of the COVID19 Pandemic.  My workload has increased as Rural America is waking up to see that their often taken-for-granted natural surroundings have become treasured destinations and sought-after experiences by city and suburban dwellers. All of a sudden there are potential buyers of food, coffee, antiques, crafts, ag-activities, locally made gifts, lodging, and real estate driving past our boarded-up downtowns.  

A shift is happening. People are beginning to seek a deeper connection to nature and the roots of a culture.  This is gold to rural communities. 

Here are some articles (pdf's and screenshots). If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Great Resource and Inspiration 

Destination By Design ,Revitalization Projects.

Click on photo.

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Downtown Revitalization Master Plans - Examples

Worth visiting their website

Articles By Ed McMahon,

Senior Fellow, Urban Land Institute Washington DC

Chairman of the National Main Street Center’s Board of Directors

Articles on Economic Importance of Preserving Your Rural Features (Assets)

(Articles are 2011 time period but the message holds true.)

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